Adolescent Psychotherapy

Adolescents experience unique and at times unbearable pressures and difficulties in today’s world. Learning to negotiate the separation and divorce of parents, scholastic challenges and achievement pressures, developmental changes, along with the possible impact of trauma from accidents, illness, and abuse, can make adolescent's primary job of growing and learning about life feel impossible.

Parents and or caregivers are one of the primary supports in an adolescent's life. Psychotherapy needs to strengthen the relationship between caregiver and adolescent, along with needing to provide the family system with tools for growth into the future.

After an initial assessment the therapist, in conjunction with the adolescent, discuss treatment options and a mutual decision regarding treatment is reached.

Adolescent psychotherapy is rooted in a process therapeutic model, working in a non-judgmental and supportive space, looking at the obstacles life presents and ways to change those challenges.

Adolescent grow in the presence of a nurturing and caring relationship. They need to feel safe and secure in the therapeutic relationship. Meaningful family connections, a focus on core beliefs and values, along with understanding nutritional awareness, can all be strengthened and developed in a supportive and caring therapeutic environment.

After working with adolescents for many years I have a unique ability to engage adolescents at the level of their individual struggle, helping them feel like their opinion and voice really does matter.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. If you are experiencing physical pain or emotional crisis, consult a medical and/or mental health professional.

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